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Quarry Soundless Cracking Powder, China Golden Supplier Soundless Cracking Agent, Efficient Soundless Cracking Agent, Rock Splitting Motar, Rock Cracking Agent, Silent Cracking Agent

Grade Size (cm) Surface Stone Form Price
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  • Material:
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  • SupplyAbility: 1000 tons per month
  • Port: Xiamen
  • Min. Order: 26 (Tons)
  • Packaging Detail: Plastic bag or Carton or Wooden Pallet or Wooden box
  • Delivery Detail: About 15 days after down payment
  • Shipment Terms: CFR,FOB,CIF,Others
  • Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union,Money Gram,Other
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Product Description:

Stone soundless expansive mortar Non-Explosive Demolition Agents


Mainly for the quarry processing and mining working, also the construction work, widely used. Instead of the wire saw machine and the double blade cutting machine, it can be :

1,Safety and pro-environment 
2,Easy control of the expansive effect 
3,Easy operation 

Product Description

 Both for marble and granite quarry work, chemical powder. Quarry Soundless Cracking Agent and static expansive mortar are developed and produced on the base of Italy's best technology, combined with China's Building Materials Academy standard JC506-92 for expansive cement. This new mortar is called HSCA for short.

HSCA is a kind of expansive powder which is made of inorganic compound and organic compound. Mix it with appropriate amount of water and stir them into slurry. After a certain time directly pour them into drilling holes in concretes or rocks, thereby generating solid expansion and 30Mpainflation pressure. After 2 to 24 hours, the concretes or rocks were demolished or cut with no vibration, no noise, no flying debris and no toxic fumes.And in accordance with customers’ requirements, it can only demolish the parts which are supposed to be demolished while the others are kept intact. It can also improve material utilization to more than 3 times than before. In a word, It can demolish rocks as perfectly as you want. According to the hardness of materials and the outside temperature while cutting, different kinds of HSCA shall be choosed.

HSCA is non-dangerous. It’s non-toxic, tasteless, noiseless, and also non-vibrative. Thus it can be bought, transported and used just like other regular goods. In the damp-proof condition, it can be kept for as long as 2 years.

Cracking agent powder technical datas



   Applicable temperature


Expansive pressure(Mpa)

8 hours

24 hours

48 hours


















Operation Instruction

 A reasonable operation of HSCA is the key to a good dividing effect.

   The general use are as the following:

1,Hole drilling:

Designed as the following:
a,Diameter of holes:32---50MM     

      b,Distance of holes:15---50CM     

      c,Depth of holes:85---105%H

      d,Distance between each row of holes:0.3---3M

  2,Mixing formula:

     a,The amount of HSCA:According to different dividing materials, the amount vary from 5—20 kg/cube.

     b,The amount of water:The amount of water shall be 28--30% of the amount of HSCA. For example,10 kg HSCA needs 2.8-3.0 kg water. Ps: If the temperature is below 10, then 40 degress water would be suitable for stirring.

  3,Stirring and pouring:
Add HSCA into the water slowly, while doing this, you need to keep stirring until it was stirred into a slurry.(Not more than 10 kg at a time, because it would make the filling part easily) Then fill the drilling holes with these stirred slurry within 5 minites.(without sealing).

Attention:Less than 10 minites for stirring and filling and less than 30 minites for the whole process are suggested. In order to avoid the probability of leaking out, try not to fill HSCA into the holes under a high temperature in summer. When the material has a high temperature itself, the filling shall be paused or stoped, too. If a long row of holes or deep holes are needed, it would be better to ask a few workers to fill the holes at the same time to make this process short and safe. When the temperature is under 5 degree, the holes shall be covered with straw mats or other things to keep a normal temperature in the hole. 

When demolishing thick concrete or rocks, this job can be done layer by layer. 1 meter thickness for each layer would be suitable. For specail projects, you can also design inclined holes. To fill inclined holes or horizontal holes, a pipe can be used to help fill the holes. Or you can mix HSCA with water into half slurry and rub it into a strip. Then you squeeze this strip of HSCA in the holes and press it firm.

Generally, cracks would appear after 2 to 8 hours.If there is still no crack after 24 hours, the distance between holes may be too large. You can drill more holes along with the drilling line and filled them with stirred HSCA.

Based on stone mining and temperature when demolishing reinforced concrete, this product is divided into 3 types and shall be selected according to actual temperature in the construction site. These 3 types are non-interoperable. 


To avoid injury accident, operators must wear protective glasses when using our products. And within 4 hours after HSCA are installed, it’s forbidden for anyone to approach the holes and overlook from it to see the effect. This product is an ordinary safe material product. It will never burn or explode at any ignition point, or under any high temperature or high pressure and neither in any impact conditions. However, if it is improperly transported, stored, used or managed, there would still be a risk of a low level. Hereby we declare that the product should be damp-proof. In the damp-proof condition, it can be kept for 2 years. Before using this product, please read the instructions carefully and be sure to operate in accordance with the instructions.


Cracking Powder Working Way

Choose the holes -- Drilling the holes into depth -- mix the powder with water -- Pouring into the powder into the holes --- Waiting to be cracked --- After cracking.


5KG crcking agent in the blank plastic box, 20KG in one carton, 1000KG in one wooden package, about 26 TON in one 20GP overweight container. 



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