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China 4th
Company Profile
  • Business Type:
    Machinery and Tools, Contractor, Importer, Exporter
  • Main Products:
    Quarry Machine;,Stone Cutting Machine,Stone Polishing Machine,Stone Crushing Machine,Other Machine,Stone Tools,
  • Country/Region:
    45 China
  • Established:
    Feb 26, 2006
  • NO. of Employees:
    5 ~ 50
  • Annual Turnover:
    US$ 2.5 ~ 5 Million
  • Authentication:
  • Verification Type:
  • √ Certificates
Juncheng Li
86-592 5551199
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Project Show
Time: 2014 Location: The town of Sovetsk, Kirov region, Russia Material: Limestone Hardness: 400-600 Input size: <350mm Output size: 0-5; 5-20; 20-40; 40-70 mm Productivity requirement: 50-7... more>>
Recommended Products
  • Beige Marble Composite Granite/Natural Royal Botticino Panel,Tiles, Slabs, Sandstone, Travertine Aluminium Honeycomb Panel
  • Crema Marfil Marble Aluminium Honeycomb Glass Fibre Composite Tile, Granite/Aluminium/Glass/Ceramic Natural Stone Honeycomb Panel,Tiles, Slabs,
  • Emperador Light Laminated Marble Composite Panels,Natural Stone Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine Honeycomb Panel,Tiles, Slabs
  • Beige Marble Composite Natural Stone Honeycomb Panel,Tiles
  • Marble Aluminium Honeycomb Ceramic Composite Panel,Marble/Granite/Aluminium/Glass/Ceramic Composite Natural Stone Honeycomb Panel,Tiles, Slabs
  • Crema Marfil Marble/Aluminium/Glass/Ceramic Composite Natural Stone Honeycomb Panel, Oman Beige Tiles, Slabs, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine
  • Crema Marfil Marble Composite Tile, Aluminium,Marble/Granite/Aluminium/ Natural Stone Honeycomb Panel,Tiles, Slabs
  • Bridge Saw, Monoblock Saw Machine , Infrared Automatic Bridge Type Edge Cutting Machine, Tile Cutting Machine, Stone Cutting Machine, Fully Automatic Granite and Marble Edge Cutting Machine Tjb-500
  • Easy Operation Granite Factoty Water Clean Equipment, Sewage Treatment
  • Small Type Water Treatment Equipment , Sewage Cleaning Equipment
  • Hot Sale Stone Splitting Machinery, Granite Paving Stone Splitter, Marble Wall Stone Production Equipment, Good Quality Factory Stone Machines, Uneven Surface Stone Cutter, Saw-Cut Splitter Tj-S95
  • Bridge Saw,Granite Bridge Saw for Sell,Stone Edge Cutting Machine
  • Tjwk-1200 Thin Plate Cutting Machine(Cont Inuous Style)Timing Belt
  • 90 Degree Cutting Head Rotate Bridge Saw Machine, Bridge Saw Cutting
  • Quartz Stone Cnc Machine, Drilling Hole, Cutting Basin, Edge Grinding
  • Thin Veneer Saw, Thin Plate Cutting Machine, Stone Slicing Machine
  • X(B) 2800 Stone Vibratory Finishing Machine, Stone Tumbling Machine
  • Long Lifespan Diamond Blades, Good Quality Blades for Edge Cutting Machinery, Stone Cutter Blade, Diamond Saw Blade, Cutting Tools, Silent Blades, Non-Silent Blade, Sharp Disc, High Grade Granite Disc
  • Marble Polishing Pads with Different Grits, Granite Polish Pad, Travertine Polisher Pads, Diamond Dry Polishing Tools, Buff Polishing Pads, White and Black Polisher Pads for Sale, Chinese Stone Tools
  • Stone Angle Grinder Made in China, Stone Handy Grinder, Portable Grinder, Hand-Hold Stone Polisher, New Type Grinding Machinery, Chinese Tools for Sale, Die Grinder with Good Quality Tj02-100f/80206
  • New Type Stone Angle Grinder, Marble Angle Grinding Machine with Plastic Cover, Handy Grinder, Portable Stone Polisher, Chinese Handy Grinder with 6600 R/Min No-Load Speed Tj02-230h/80232
  • Frankfurt Abrasive, Resin Bonded Abrasive, Marble Polisher Tools, Resin Frankfurt for Polishing Machines, Good Quality Marble Polishing Pad, New Type Resin-Bond Abrasives Made in China, Stone Tools
  • Antique Stone Brush, Diamond Fickert Abrasive, Frankert Abrasives, Round Shape Stone Processing Tools Made in China, Hot Sale Polishing Brushes with Good Quality, Machinery Tool for Marble and Granite
  • New Wire Saw, High Efficient Rubber Wire Saw Tools, Stone Mining Tools, Marble Cutting Wire with Diamond Beads, Granite Cutter Rope, Hot Sale Stone Materials, Safe-Operating Cutting Tools
  • Steel Wire Brush, Diamond Brush, Frankfurt Brushes, Fickert Tools, Antique Marble Processing Brush, Matt Granite Surface Tools for Sale, Good Quality Chinese Stone Materials, Abrasive Brushes
  • Diamond Cutter Tools with Good Quality, Edge Cutting Machine Discs, Dry Cutting Disc, Saw Cutter Blade, Chinese Stone Blade for Cutting Machinery, Ceramic Cutting Disc, Travertine Block Cutter Blades
  • Diamond Wire for Quarry Machinery, Diamond Wire Saw Beads, Hot Sale Elastic Stone Diamond Wire, Block Cutting Wire with Good Efficiency, Chinese Quarrying Stone Tool with Low Price and Low Noise
  • Economy Product Terracotta Panel and Terracotta Tiles
  • Brown and Gray Curtain Wall Material Terracotta Tile
  • White or Green Natural Irregular Building Curtain Wall Terracotta Panel
  • Grooved Irregular Decorative Terracotta Panel
  • Building Curtain Wall Material Terracotta Panel
  • Natural Clay Material Low Carbon Building Curtain Wall Terracotta Panel,Natural Environmental Friendly Facade Panel
  • Unique Cavity Shape Building Material Terracotta Panel
  • Natural Flat Building Terracotta Panel/Tile/Slab
  • White and Gray Economy Decorative Cladding Terracotta Panel,Stick, Louver, Tiles, Slabs, Cavelty, Baguette
  • White Environmental Protection Material Terracotta Tile, Panel, Cavelty ,Exterior Facade Decrotive Panel and Tile

Contact Details

  • Telephone:86-592 5551199
  • Fax No:86-592 5559577
  • Mobile:86-13806001977
  • Company Address
    Unit 04-05, 13F, No.66, Taidong Road, Siming District, Xiamen, China

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